Considering the Irish summer is certainly upon us, with our unpredictable weather that never seems to please,  I have decided to put together a short list of my current favourite face masks to help make your evenings after work  just a little bit more pleasant, should you end up being stuck indoors!

If you have 15 minutes and only a little cash to spare, there’s nothing like a mini facial pamper session to relax and revive your skin while on a budget!

FACE INC 40 winks


A beautiful little 15 minute wonder brought you you by Nails Inc. London! This anti-age sheet mask is an ideal pick me up product for giving your skin some extra plump.  I purchased this in Boots for €3.99 so they are widely available and easy to get your hands on! I have seen them priced at €6 so keep an eye out for the special offers!  They’re are 6 masks in the range to suit different skin types and conditions. Containing Retinol (Vitamin A) to even out discolouration and collagen extracts to give the skin a plumping boost, this mask also contains Glycerine to lock in moisture. I’d recommend this particular mask fora dry/mature skin type.

garneir skin active masks



These new €1.99 delights from Garnier will revolutionise home beauty treatments on a budget! I tired out 3 masks from the range – The Anti Thirst Aqua Jelly Mask, The Matcha & Kaolin Clay Mask and the Volcano Clay Mask. As I would be prone to a more oily skin type, I found the clay masks ideal for absorbing excess oil. The Volcano Mask is self heating which gives a lovely warm feeling on the skin. The Kaolin in the clay masks target excessive oil and minimise the appearance of large pores. The Aqua Jelly Mask is suitable for all skin types as it targets the most common skin condition – dehydration. It has a beautiful cooling sensation on the skin and contains pomegranate extracts to hydrate and hold moisture. Containing no nasty Parabens they’re a win win!

PENNEYS ps…love- cucumber eye pads (dark circle reducer)

The perfect party prep for your eyes! This little wonder  package contains 6 eye pads for €1.50! I keep the sachet chilled in the fridge so they stay nice and cool when applied under the eyes! Containing extracts of Castor Oil to keep circulation flowing and cucumber fruit extracts to to keep delicate skin hydrated and cool. Recommended usage time is 15 minutes however I would not recommend this product if you suffer with extremely sensitive skin!

garnier skin active – moisture bomb tissue mask


I have included this beautiful bargain tissue mask to my Sunday Skin Session as of late! They are widely available in most Pharmacy and convenience stores. I purchased mine in Boots for €3.99, however I have seen them on offer in lots of shops so keep your eyes peeled!  I have used the Rejuvenating and Re-Balancing  masks and have yet to try the Comfort Mask. They all target dehydration which is an ongoing issue for many.

It feels wonderful on the skin and the residue can be massaged into the skin for a longer last effect after the mask has been removed. The Re-Balancing Mask has a mattifying effect which I found great for using before applying makeup as it mops up excessive oil. For the price, its a cheap and cheerful treat!

if you feel like splashing the cash, id RECOMMEND . . . 

glam glow youth mud mask & THIRSTYMUD MASK


Known as the “facial in a jar”, this product is a fantastic solution for oily and dull skin types/conditions. Containing Pumice Stone extracts, it gently resurfaces and exfoliates your skin. It’s a fantastic solution for tightening and brightening. It leaves a tingling sensation on the skin and has a menthol scent, so I wouldn’t advise using this mask on any dry or sensitive areas! I purchased a small jar of this product in a local Pharmacy for  €45. Apply this product in a thin layer as a little goes a long way. If you’re willing to spend the money on it, make sure you don’t waste it! I have found it gives fast results, immediately leaving your skin smooth, clean and bright.

Ideal for Normal,Oily,Combination and Dry Skin Types. This mask can be used 2-3 times per week. It quenches thirsty skin, leaving it supple and satisfied. Once it’s applied in an even layer to clean and dry skin, its recommended usage time on the skin is 15-20 minutes, however if you suffer in particular with very dehydrated or dry skin, you can leave this on over night for an intensive treatment.  It’s also great for long haul flights! Pop this on while you’re on the plane to keep your skin protected from dirty recycled air! The small jar set me back €50, but I love it so much that I feel it was definitely worth it! Stick this on your wish list!

dermalogica multivitamin recovery masque


This is a beautiful creamy textured tube of magic is unbelievable for revitalising prematurely aged and mature skin types. From the Age Smart Rang, this product acts an intensive weekly treatment to sooth and replenish tired and damaged skin. It also calms irritated skin and is ideal for areas that got too much sun! Containing vitamins A, C and E to improve discolouration, repair free radical damage and stimulates fibroblasts which are the cells that are responsible for keeping skin tissue firm and healthy. This is a 5 star product so unfortunately it comes with a 5 star price tag too. Prices vary between €40-€50 however, it is certainly money well spent.


skin is in!


Kate X



Kiss My Curls – L’Oréal Elvive Curl Nourishment



I was informed a few weeks back about the launch of   L’Oréal Elvive’s Latest “Curl Nourishment” Extraordinary Oil Range that has been specially designed to tackle and treat Curly and Afro hair types. I have been using a couple of products from the range over the past two weeks and am very pleased with the results so far and thought I would share my thoughts!

They launched a general Shampoo, Conditioner and a Conditioning Nourishment Hair Masque but as a nifty little addition they introduced a “Cleansing Conditioning Treatment” that can be used to substitute shampooing your hair. It has a non- foaming formula and still cleanses the hair without damaging dry hair types. It’s also a detangler!!

Ingredients found in many different shampoo brands such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a detergent that creates the foaming effect in shampoo) have been previously linked to completely strip natural oils from the hair. For Curly,Dry and Afro hair types,  it is recommended to avoid harsh ingredients and detergents such as the above mentioned.

For the past two weeks, I have been using these products and decided to use the Cleansing Conditioning Treatment for every second wash instead of using the shampoo each time to see if it can improve things. My hair has really benefited from the Cleansing Conditioning Treatment and The Conditioning Nourishment Hair Masque. My curls are softer and more defined and there has been a major decrease in frizziness.

Thankfully there is now an affordable line to tame the mane!

The Shampoo and Conditioner is retailed at approximately  €6.29  and the Cleansing Conditioner is €9.99 while the Conditioning Nourishment Masque is €6.99. There is also a half price and a 3 for 2 offer on the Elvive line at the moment in Boots so grab the bargain while its going! 


Kate X




Instasize_0324162226 primark

I am absolutely in love with these pocket size Eau De Toilettes from Penney’s!

I picked up 3 different scents, “Berry Fizz”, “Pina Colada” and “Mint Mojito”.

They all smell divine and are perfect for carrying around in your handbags! It also saves you using up more expensive perfumes for everyday use!


They’re only €2.50 each so I couldn’t resist!!


Dealz for Curly Hair Problems

cw hair

I picked up a tube of Charles Worthington Curl Defining Cream for €1.49 in Dealz this week!!

I have used this product in the past and can safely say it is fantastic for tackling my frizzy mane!!

This product is sold in many different shops and usually it is far more pricier , being retailed at about €8, so my advice is to stock up before it’s too late!

It is of a paste like consistency and smells beautiful! I would recommend applying it to damp hair but it also works wonderfully over dry hair if needs be! It keeps a lovely definition in the curl and keeps frizz at bay.

Instasize_0322145710 Instasize_0322145758



Tesco Beauty Budget Alert!


Instasize_0322145827 Instasize_0322145848

During a late night shop in Tesco’s the other evening, I stumbled across this little gem.

Tesco’s own branded Cleansing Makeup Remover. I picked up the sensitive fragrance free version to put it to the test.

I have been using it the past couple of days and I can safely say its wonderful. If you’re like myself and always carry out a second cleanse in the evenings as part of your facial routine then this product is ideal.

Purchasing a cheaper cleanser  is a great way to extend  the lifespan of your more expensive branded cleansers as they will  last longer and saves you using extra product. I have been using a coin sized amount of my expensive cleanser as my first cleanse and then a generous sized amount of Tesco’s Cleanser to ensure everything has been removed before bedtime.

And there is always the option of using it in the mornings to give your face a quick cleanse after waking up without the guilty feeling of using your expensive cleanser faster then necessary!

It has a thick creamy consistency and glides over the skin with ease. I felt no stinging, itching or any irritation after using it. I think it would be ideal for Dry skins as it has a rich creamy texture.

And best of all, it won’t hurt the piggy bank at only €1.05!





Understanding Image – Image Skincare Review

2016-01-11 20.07.42

Image Skincare was founded in 2003 by Janna Ronert. She was a personal sufferer of Roscea (Redness). Her husband is a plastic surgeon and together they trialled  all different kinds of ingredients to treat this particular issue before they discovered The Image Skincare Product Line.

It is a cosmeceutical product range which means its ingredients penetrate into the deeper, living layers of the skin. The product range treats down as far as the fifth layer of the epidermis.

It is now the fastest growing cosmeceutical skincare range in the world. They pride themselves on each and every product being clinically trialled and tested and none of their products are tested on animals. None of the products contain nasty paraben chemicals and they also use soy based ink on their packaging which naturally disintegrates so it is better for the environment.

Image Skincare is very much a results driven brand. All of their product ranges contain very active ingredients that change the skin in a very fast acting manner. Each product range has a beautiful distinctive smell which is also very appealing. I was first introduced to Image Skincare back in November when I was sent on the first stage of a training course for the Brand with my job. From then on in I have been using some of products from the different ranges and have noticed a significant difference in my overall skin health.

The Brand promote a “Skin Diet” approach to their product line. As it is an over the counter range, the brand encourages you to use a couple of different products from each range and follow a daily and nightly routine. I decided to purchase five products from different ranges in the skincare line. Each range contains individual ingredients to target different skin concerns. For example, they would recommend a cleanser from one particular Image range and a serum and night and day cream from another Image range because each range helps to improve different skin issues and in most cases, people have numerous skin concerns. Below I have prepared a detailed description of the products I have been using since November  just to give a small insight into the different product ranges and their ingredients.

the max stem cell range – stem cell facial cleanser

2016-01-11 21.15.02

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is also gentle enough to be used by sensitive skin sufferers. It it sulphate and acid free and this product also promotes to balance the pH levels of the skin and helps to prolong the life span of skin cells. Some main ingredients found in The Max Range of skincare products include; Argireline which inhibits muscle contraction, it is an ingredient that is found in Botox Solutions. Plant Derived Stem Cells are found in this particular line of Image products, this ingredient extends the skin cell life span which slows down the ageing process when used continuously. This particular cleanser contains Oat Kernels which helps to sooth skin and also acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness. I find this particular cleanser to be a mixture between gel and cream and of medium consistency which slightly foams when applied to wet skin. It rips through make up and has a beautiful fruity smell. I normally use a 20 cent coin sized amount for my first cleanse at night and a pea sized amount for my second cleanse to ensure there is no make-up left on the skin. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight as some cleansing products in the past and my skin feels thoroughly cleansed and fresh after each use in the evening.

The ageless range – ageless total repair cream

2016-01-11 20.03.24

This is an exfoliating over night cream which targets the skins surface layers and improves skin texture and tone. It has a 20% blend of Glycolic and Retinol (Vitamin A) which contains anti-ageing properties. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which binds 1000 times its weight in water to retain moisture and hydrate the skin. It also contains Vitamin D which helps to boost collagen levels in the skin. I find this product provides really really fast results. In the morning my skin feels firmer and has a beautiful glow without effecting the oily areas on my face. It resurfaces, repairs and hydrates but in my opinion is not a suitable product for very sensitive skins because of its strong menthol smell. When applied to the skin, you feel the product tingle almost immediately so I would air on the side of caution if you suffer with sensitivity because it may make your skin feel hot. I would also recommend to only apply a very thin layer over the skin at night before going to sleep. A little goes a long way with this little pot of magic!

The vital c range – vital c Hydrating anti ageing serum

2016-01-11 20.04.08

This Vitamin C based Serum soothes damaged, dehydrated, oily/acne and sensitive skins. Vitamin A and E act as anti oxidants to fight environmental free radicals. I love the healthy youthful glow this product gives. It has the most amazing citric fragrance which is like a pick me up for the skin. The smell alone when applied in the mornings wakes me up. The product absorbs into the skin very quickly however this may be a little bit too rich for oily or acne prone skins in my opinion.

The ageless range – ageless total resurfacing masque

2016-01-11 20.02.28

This is a dual action masque which contains a grit and and acid to ex-foliate and totally resurface the skin. The grit ex-foliates and the acid penetrates deep into the skin to draw out embedded blemishes. It is ideal for ageing, oily/acne prone and high pigmented skins. It contains a 17% blend of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids. Salicylic Acid is a BHA Exfoliator that benefits acne prone skins because it cuts through oil and dries out blemishes. You apply a thin layer to the skin with wet hands and massage into the skin using circular motions, leave on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse away with water. It can also be used as a “power cleansing product” to remove heavy make-up and tan when mixed in with your usual cleanser. It can also be used to target treat areas of concern such as nasty spots. Apply directly onto the area and work into the skin to resurface and improve healing time. It is excellent for blackheads!! If you are using this product, particularly in the summertime, it is vital an SPF is used to protect the resurfaced skin. In my opinion for more combination/oily/acne prone skins, expect a “skin downtime” of breakouts for about a week after using the product especially the first couple of times. Blemishes that are embedded deep down in the skin will surface after using this product. If anything is lurking beneath it will most certainly rear its ugly head!! But in time this product leaves the skin totally clear and any rough or uneven texture will be greatly improved.

The prevention+ SPF range – DAILY matte MOISTURISER oil free

2016-01-11 20.02.06

I have been using The Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser which is completely oil free so it doesn’t effect any oily areas. It has an SPF of 32 also. This product is idea for oily or acne prone skins because it mops up any natural oil on the skins surface and leaves a lovely matte and shine free finish. I love this daily moisturiser because my make-up has been sitting so well since beginning to use it. It is an excellent primer for the T-Zone! Is contains a broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection. It smells incredible!!



His & Her Mini Christmas Gift Guide

Here is a last minute mini gift guide I have prepared to help anyone struggling to think of present ideas or stocking fillers for your loved ones this Christmas!

For the gents

diorsauvage perfume

2015-12-05 23.11.53

This is Dior’s latest must have perfume for men! Ladies you will swoon over this masculine scent! Available in 50ml and 100ml sizes and prices starting at €58.00.

 body shop- modern gent’s shaving kit

2015-12-05 23.12.21

I love this dapper gift set for men from The Body Shop. The shaving Kit contains a beautiful shaving brush, shaving cream and razor burn after shave cooling cream to sooth irritated skin. The main ingredients are Maca Root and Organic Brazil Nut oil to nourish and sooth the skin leaving a silky smooth feel. €40.00 approximately. This is a lovely unique set and a a nice change from the usual skincare gift sets available for men.

calvin klein trunks

2015-12-05 23.12.51

The perfect stocking filler for men in my opinion! What guy doesn’t appreciate a nice pair of CK’s!? This particular pair are the Superior Trunks and are available to buy in Arnotts Department Store in Dublin or over on the Calvin Klein website, Approximately €28.00

SUPER DRY- tracksuit bottoms

2015-12-05 23.13.48

These Superdry Appliqué Slim Fit Joggers are the €64.99 available in all sizes. Perfect cosy lounge wear for him!

nike – air zoom structure runners

2015-12-05 23.13.24

Came across these gorgeous running shoes for men. They are also available in red and are priced at €131.00 and available on

For the ladies in your life

benefit- ‘real cheeky’ party set


I absolutely adore Benefit Cosmetics Christmas Party Palette Tins that are released each year, this years ‘Real Cheeky’ Party set contains a ‘They’re Real’ Mini Mascara , ‘They’re Real’ Mini Push Up Liner, What’s Up Highlighter and 5 Best Selling Blushers – Sugarbomb, Rockateur,Dandelion,Hoola and Coralista! I think this would be an amazing gift for any make-up lover this Christmas and it’s only €43!

2015-12-15 00.32.37

Fossil London have a beautiful range of watches for men and women, you will be spoiled for choice, the watches start from €100.

urban decay- gwen stafini eye-shadow palette


Urban Decay Cosmetics have released this fabulous Limited Edition Gwen Stafani Eye-shadow Palette. There are some gorgeous neutral and soft brown shades along with some beautiful statement blue, pink and yellow tones so it combines the best of both worlds. This is a multifunctional shadow palette that is ideal for creating day and evening looks. It is retailed at €46.00! 


how to be a parisian – wherever you are 

2015-12-16 14.30.41

How To Be A Parisian Wherever You Are is a fantastic read for any fashion conscious “Chic” in your life. It is a French woman’s views on fashion , lust, love and life and it is an extremely entertaining read. Highly recommended and available in all leading bookshops! Retailed Price – €26.00

Marks & spencer – Rosie Huntington lingerie collection

2015-12-16 14.44.45

The Rosie Huntington Lingerie Collection for Marks & Spencer just keeps getting better and better! Buy that special lady in your life something extra special this year! This is a must have collection that she is bound to swoon over!

The Coconut Addiction – My Top Favourite Beauty Benefits & Uses For Coconut Oil!

2015-11-22 22.52.53

Coconut Oil is a must have beauty staple! It is a multi-functioning natural product that is extremely beneficial to our health, beauty and well-being!

My Top FAVOURITE Uses of Coconut Oil

2015-11-29 00.10.52

My all time favourite use for Coconut Oil is applying it to my hair and using it as a natural hair masque! It acts as an intense moisturising treatment for all hair types but works especially well on dry hair types like myself. I normally try to sleep with it in overnight to let the oil penetrate the hair and then rinse out the morning after. The chemical structure of Coconut Oil allows for it to easily penetrate the hair naturally in comparison to chemically made hair products which can only sit on the hairs surface. It has also been scientifically proved to improve the structure and flexibility of the hair overtime.

2015-11-29 00.07.28

It is a natural alternative for teeth whitening! You can mix it with Lemon Juice and Baking Soda and apply to your teeth using a cotton bud. It has amazing results and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or added preservatives.

2015-11-29 00.07.52

I use Coconut Oil to deep clean my make-up brushes. It contains natural anti-bacterial properties and leaves the brushes beautifully soft and smooth.

2015-11-29 00.08.14

It is a beautiful and affordable alternative to expensive daily body moisturisers. It penetrates the skin leaving it silky smooth and absorbs very quickly. It is ideal for anybody suffering with eczema or any areas of dry or rough patches of skin such as the elbows and knees. It soothes itchiness and irritation and reduces redness. I love using it to prolong my false tan as it keeps the tan from becoming patchy after its been on for a couple of days!

2015-11-29 00.08.56

Coconut Oil is the perfect shaving medium! It is ideal for shaving because its softens the hair and allows for the razor to glide over the skin. It is also ideal for applying after any waxing treatment to help prevent redness and irritation as it acts as a skin barrier against bacteria.

2015-11-29 00.08.35

I love applying Coconut Oil to my feet and wearing socks over them to lock in moisture and intensively treat the skin. It helps to moisturise rough patches of skin and dry nails and cuticles which is a very common problem especially in the winter months when our feet get cooped up in socks and shoes. It also contains powerful anti-fugal properties which is an ideal treatment to try for anybody suffering with skin disorders such as Athlete’s Foot or Fungal Nail Disorders.

I hope you enjoyed reading and found these suggestions useful,



Affordable Quality Eye-liners to create the purrfect feline flick!

Like all make-up and cosmetic products in this ever expanding industry, finding the best quality product is a key factor when it comes to the application. With  eye-liners in particular, a good quality liner is essential when it comes to creating the perfect definition. I have listed below my 3 favourite affordable quality liners that will suit all beauty budgets!

inglot- amc EYE-LINER gel pot no.77


Number one on my list is the Inglot AMC Eye-liner Gel Pots. I am in awe of this product! They’re are 17 amazing shades to choose from.  Some of the brown shades are also perfect for shading in and defining your eyebrows. This liner is waterproof and smudge -proof and highly pigmented for long lasting colour! It can also be applied to the waterline of the eye.  It is ideal for wearing at day long events as it does not budge.  It retails at €15.00 and is available on ( Amazing value for you money I can promise you that!



This liner is ideal for beginners looking to create the famous “cat eye” flick. It’s pointed felt tip applicator and neat little handle will ensure simple and precise application. It is very durable and dries really quickly and the pigment is a pleasant opaque  black which gives accurate coverage. It retails at €3.29 and worth every penny in my opinion.

mac pro LONG-WEAR eye liner (colour – black ice)


Back to Basics – This is a staple product in my professional and personal make-up kit.  Its creamy texture glides effortlessly along the water line. It provides great longevity and is an ideal product for anyone that is unsure of trying out liquid and gel liner forms. It retails at  €21.00.









The link below contains a Winged Eye-liner Tutorial which I found extremely helpful while I was studying Make-up Artistry in college.

I hope you enjoyed reading and hope you have found this blog post useful.



Keep Your Lips Lush This Winter!

With the cold weather slowly creeping in, our lips are at the forefront of the weather extremities. Dry and chapped lips are a very common problem amongst many including myself! Below I have outlined my personal tips and product  recommendations for preventing chapped lips and maintaining  soft healthy lips.

2015-10-13 13.14.49

There are a number of factors linked as to why our lips and skin may become dry and flaky… I often notice when  I do long stints of working or during stressful times when I become exhausted , my lips become sore and cracked. It can also be a mixture of working or living in an air conditioned environment that can have an effect on your skin and lips. Whatever the issue may be that causes this problem, there are solutions that will help improve them!

My first plan of action when my lips are particularly bad is my DIY Honey & Sugar Scrub, simple ingredients that are staples in most households. I mix together a small amount of these two ingredients and apply it to the lips either with my fingers or a cotton bud. Once it is applied I gently massage the mixture in circular motions over my lips to help remove any flaky hard skin. You only need about two pea sized amounts and I normally incorporate this into my normal facial routine when my lips are particularly bad. I would never use it everyday on my lips but twice a week in conjunction with a quality lip balm product to help prevention is perfectly fine. Using this scrub is also perfect for preparing your lips before applying Matte Lipsticks!!

2015-10-13 13.15.13 2015-10-13 13.47.39 2015-10-13 13.48.05

My Top 3 Tried & Tested affordable Lip Products 

Dr. Paw Paw Multi-Purpose soothing balm

2015-10-13 13.57.16

This is a fantastic and affordable lip product to help prevent dry and chapped lips, it is a multi-purpose balm that can be used to treat lips, skin, hair and nails to help nourish and rehydrate. It comes in a handy 25 ml tube which is the perfect size for keeping in your handbag or for travelling.  It comes in Original, Tinted Peach and Tinted Red Balm and retails at €8.99 and can be found in most pharmacy’s.

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

2015-10-13 13.57.50

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 come’s in three flavours, Coconut, Mango and Vanilla. It is perfect for people who tend to be outdoors as it was specifically designed to help protect your lips against harsh weather conditions such as the wind and cold. It also contains an SPF 4 Sunscreen. The flavours are so pleasant and the balm has amazing longevity,it wears really well and doesn’t dry out in comparison to some other higher end brands. It retails at €11.50 which I think is very reasonable considering the high quality!

Forever living products- Aloe Lips 

2015-10-14 00.48.30

This is probably hands down one of my favourite lip products. It’s creators at Forever Living have designed this product not only to treat chapped and dry lips but it also acts as a relief for stings, bites and minor cuts and burns. It also treats cold sores, it helps relieve dry skin around the nose area when you have a cold and also soothes sunburnt skins.  It’s a tiny pocket size which is handy for keeping on you! It retails at €3.90! Amazing quality I promise!

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this blog post useful.



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