The Coconut Addiction – My Top Favourite Beauty Benefits & Uses For Coconut Oil!

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Coconut Oil is a must have beauty staple! It is a multi-functioning natural product that is extremely beneficial to our health, beauty and well-being!

My Top FAVOURITE Uses of Coconut Oil

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My all time favourite use for Coconut Oil is applying it to my hair and using it as a natural hair masque! It acts as an intense moisturising treatment for all hair types but works especially well on dry hair types like myself. I normally try to sleep with it in overnight to let the oil penetrate the hair and then rinse out the morning after. The chemical structure of Coconut Oil allows for it to easily penetrate the hair naturally in comparison to chemically made hair products which can only sit on the hairs surface. It has also been scientifically proved to improve the structure and flexibility of the hair overtime.

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It is a natural alternative for teeth whitening! You can mix it with Lemon Juice and Baking Soda and apply to your teeth using a cotton bud. It has amazing results and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or added preservatives.

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I use Coconut Oil to deep clean my make-up brushes. It contains natural anti-bacterial properties and leaves the brushes beautifully soft and smooth.

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It is a beautiful and affordable alternative to expensive daily body moisturisers. It penetrates the skin leaving it silky smooth and absorbs very quickly. It is ideal for anybody suffering with eczema or any areas of dry or rough patches of skin such as the elbows and knees. It soothes itchiness and irritation and reduces redness. I love using it to prolong my false tan as it keeps the tan from becoming patchy after its been on for a couple of days!

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Coconut Oil is the perfect shaving medium! It is ideal for shaving because its softens the hair and allows for the razor to glide over the skin. It is also ideal for applying after any waxing treatment to help prevent redness and irritation as it acts as a skin barrier against bacteria.

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I love applying Coconut Oil to my feet and wearing socks over them to lock in moisture and intensively treat the skin. It helps to moisturise rough patches of skin and dry nails and cuticles which is a very common problem especially in the winter months when our feet get cooped up in socks and shoes. It also contains powerful anti-fugal properties which is an ideal treatment to try for anybody suffering with skin disorders such as Athlete’s Foot or Fungal Nail Disorders.

I hope you enjoyed reading and found these suggestions useful,



2 thoughts on “The Coconut Addiction – My Top Favourite Beauty Benefits & Uses For Coconut Oil!

  1. aamidiy says:

    Welcome! I am very interested to see what your blog has in store. Coconut oil is also one of my favorite products at the moment. I just followed you, so it would be great if we can support each other! Best, Aami 🙂


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