Considering the Irish summer is certainly upon us, with our unpredictable weather that never seems to please,  I have decided to put together a short list of my current favourite face masks to help make your evenings after work  just a little bit more pleasant, should you end up being stuck indoors!

If you have 15 minutes and only a little cash to spare, there’s nothing like a mini facial pamper session to relax and revive your skin while on a budget!

FACE INC 40 winks


A beautiful little 15 minute wonder brought you you by Nails Inc. London! This anti-age sheet mask is an ideal pick me up product for giving your skin some extra plump.  I purchased this in Boots for €3.99 so they are widely available and easy to get your hands on! I have seen them priced at €6 so keep an eye out for the special offers!  They’re are 6 masks in the range to suit different skin types and conditions. Containing Retinol (Vitamin A) to even out discolouration and collagen extracts to give the skin a plumping boost, this mask also contains Glycerine to lock in moisture. I’d recommend this particular mask fora dry/mature skin type.

garneir skin active masks



These new €1.99 delights from Garnier will revolutionise home beauty treatments on a budget! I tired out 3 masks from the range – The Anti Thirst Aqua Jelly Mask, The Matcha & Kaolin Clay Mask and the Volcano Clay Mask. As I would be prone to a more oily skin type, I found the clay masks ideal for absorbing excess oil. The Volcano Mask is self heating which gives a lovely warm feeling on the skin. The Kaolin in the clay masks target excessive oil and minimise the appearance of large pores. The Aqua Jelly Mask is suitable for all skin types as it targets the most common skin condition – dehydration. It has a beautiful cooling sensation on the skin and contains pomegranate extracts to hydrate and hold moisture. Containing no nasty Parabens they’re a win win!

PENNEYS ps…love- cucumber eye pads (dark circle reducer)

The perfect party prep for your eyes! This little wonder  package contains 6 eye pads for €1.50! I keep the sachet chilled in the fridge so they stay nice and cool when applied under the eyes! Containing extracts of Castor Oil to keep circulation flowing and cucumber fruit extracts to to keep delicate skin hydrated and cool. Recommended usage time is 15 minutes however I would not recommend this product if you suffer with extremely sensitive skin!

garnier skin active – moisture bomb tissue mask


I have included this beautiful bargain tissue mask to my Sunday Skin Session as of late! They are widely available in most Pharmacy and convenience stores. I purchased mine in Boots for €3.99, however I have seen them on offer in lots of shops so keep your eyes peeled!  I have used the Rejuvenating and Re-Balancing  masks and have yet to try the Comfort Mask. They all target dehydration which is an ongoing issue for many.

It feels wonderful on the skin and the residue can be massaged into the skin for a longer last effect after the mask has been removed. The Re-Balancing Mask has a mattifying effect which I found great for using before applying makeup as it mops up excessive oil. For the price, its a cheap and cheerful treat!

if you feel like splashing the cash, id RECOMMEND . . . 

glam glow youth mud mask & THIRSTYMUD MASK


Known as the “facial in a jar”, this product is a fantastic solution for oily and dull skin types/conditions. Containing Pumice Stone extracts, it gently resurfaces and exfoliates your skin. It’s a fantastic solution for tightening and brightening. It leaves a tingling sensation on the skin and has a menthol scent, so I wouldn’t advise using this mask on any dry or sensitive areas! I purchased a small jar of this product in a local Pharmacy for  €45. Apply this product in a thin layer as a little goes a long way. If you’re willing to spend the money on it, make sure you don’t waste it! I have found it gives fast results, immediately leaving your skin smooth, clean and bright.

Ideal for Normal,Oily,Combination and Dry Skin Types. This mask can be used 2-3 times per week. It quenches thirsty skin, leaving it supple and satisfied. Once it’s applied in an even layer to clean and dry skin, its recommended usage time on the skin is 15-20 minutes, however if you suffer in particular with very dehydrated or dry skin, you can leave this on over night for an intensive treatment.  It’s also great for long haul flights! Pop this on while you’re on the plane to keep your skin protected from dirty recycled air! The small jar set me back €50, but I love it so much that I feel it was definitely worth it! Stick this on your wish list!

dermalogica multivitamin recovery masque


This is a beautiful creamy textured tube of magic is unbelievable for revitalising prematurely aged and mature skin types. From the Age Smart Rang, this product acts an intensive weekly treatment to sooth and replenish tired and damaged skin. It also calms irritated skin and is ideal for areas that got too much sun! Containing vitamins A, C and E to improve discolouration, repair free radical damage and stimulates fibroblasts which are the cells that are responsible for keeping skin tissue firm and healthy. This is a 5 star product so unfortunately it comes with a 5 star price tag too. Prices vary between €40-€50 however, it is certainly money well spent.


skin is in!


Kate X



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